At Heritage Canes you'll find standard and collectable canes for you to enjoy as you find your strength. We offer canes that will suit a variety of wardrobe styles, and most of our canes are offered in limited edition production quantities. These canes are handcrafted one at a time. We do not purchase raw materials in bulk, so you’ll rarely see your limited edition cane elsewhere. Enjoy your strength!

Our Story

We enjoy creating these canes, just as much as you’ll enjoy using them. We’re involved in our community, and most of our team members have been faced with disability at one time or another. We appreciate the value of using your cane as an accessory, just as you would for a pair of shoes. The cane should complement your attire for the day, whether it is for business, casual or an evening out with friends. We’ve produced canes for formal occasions, as well.

Our Vision

We believe that it is equally important to gain the strength of stability with the strength of style. Choose your cane to complement your wardrobe; whether it is for casual, business or evening attire.